Tori Amos – Your Cloud chords


                    Tori Amos - Your cloud

Capo @ 1st
Intro: Cmaj7, C; F11. F
       Cadd9, C; F11, F

...or you can choose between Cmaj7 and Cadd9
Sorry about the variations of chords, they just aren't simple,
since there can nowhere be found guitar version, just piano.

Cmaj7 CWhere the river cross
Fmaj7 Csus4(13)crosses the lake
Cmaj7 Cadd9where the words jump off my pen
F11 Fand into your pages
Do you think just like that you can divide this you as yours me as mine to before we were us Intro If the rain has to separate from itself does it say "pick out your cloud?" ...pick out your cloud A#sus9 If there is a horizontal line
Csus4that runs from the map off your body
A#sus9 straight through the land shooting up
Csus4right through my heart
A#sus9 will this horizontal line
Csus4when asked know how to find
A#sus9 Gm A where you end where i begin
Intro "pick out your cloud" How light can play and form a ring of rain that can change bows into arrows Who we were isn't lost before we were us indigo in his own blue always knew this if the rain has to separate from itself does it say pick out your cloud... Used chords: EADGBe Cmaj7--------x3200x C------------x32010 F11----------13320x F------------133211 Cadd9--------x3203x
Csus4--------x32011 Gm-----------355333 A------------x02220 Enjoy
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