Tori Amos – Gold Dust chords

Howdy Tori lovers, this is an original re-wright of sheet Gold Dust. Enjoy! 
Standard tuning
Capo on 1st

Tori Amos - Gold Dust


BbSights and Sounds
C pull me back down
Bbanother year
BbWhipping past
Cthe reflecting pool
Bbme and you
C Dmadd9 skipping school
Bbmaj7And we make it up
as we go along
C7sus4We make it up we
go along Dmadd9
BbYOu said -
CYou raced from Langley -
Bbpulling me underneath
Ca Cherry Blossom
Dmadd9 canopy
Bb-Do I Have-
C Of course I have,
BbBeneath my raincoat,
C Dmadd9I have your photographs.
F C And the sun on your face
Bb Am7 I'm freezing that frame
Bbmaj7 A7And somewhere Alfie cries
Dm Bbmaj7and says "Enjoy his every smile
Gm7 A7sus4 AYou can see in the dark
Dm Dm/E D/F#Through the eyes of Laura Mars"
Gm A7How did it go so fast
Dmyou'll say
Bbas we are looking back
Gm7 Aand then we'll understand
Dmadd9 A7sus4we held gold dust
Dmadd9 in our hands (the 2nd verse is going whit same chords) Sights and Sounds pull me back down another year I WAS HERE I WAS HERE Gaslights Glow in the street (flickering past) Twilight held us in her palm as we walked along And we make it up as we go along We make it up as we go along Letting names Hang in the Air What color hair (auburn crimson) Autumn knowingly Stared and the day that She came I'm freezing that Frame I'm freezing that frame And somewhere Alfie smiles and says "Enjoy her every cry You can see in the dark Through the eyes Of Laura Mars" How did it go so Fast You'll say as we are looking back and then we'll understand We held gold dust in our hands in our hands
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