Tori Amos - Amber Waves tab

Well he lit you up
     Bb                  F           Fsus2 F
like Amber Waves in his movie show
He fixed you up real good
       Bb             F        Fsus2 F
till I don't know you anymore

(etc. for verse and chorus)

F#                              A#m    
You said "he's got a Healing Machine
                F#                  G#
it glows in the dark, glows in the dark:
    F#                        A#m
You say "there's not a lot of me 
           F#                 Fm
left anymore - just leave it alone.
    Eb                     Db
But if you're buy, and you have the time, 
           Db      C#maj7           A#m
tell the Northern Lights to keep shining - 
Db          C#maj7           A#m       G*
Lately it seems like they're drowning"

back to C, etc. for verse.

C#maj7*: i like x33121 (x43111 if you prefer)
G*: 3xxxox (optional; something to that extent)
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