Paper Hearts chords ver. 2 with lyrics by Tori Kelly - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tori Kelly – Paper Hearts chords ver. 2

This is a chords tab, but Tori 
will actually finger pick the strings 
individually with small variations throughout 
the song. Try to listen along and pinpoint 
which strings of the chords she is plucking 
sequentially. Or put your own twist on it. Enjoy!



F  Cmaj7  F  Cmaj7

[Verse 1]:

Abmaj7Remember the way you made me feel
Ebmaj7Such young love
Abmaj7But something that we knew that it was real
Ebmaj7Frozen in my head
F E AmPictures I'm living through for now
Cadd9Trying to remember all the good times
F E Am Our light was cutting through so loud
Cadd9Memories are playing in my dull mind
F EI hate this part
AmPaper hearts
Cadd9 FAnd I'll hold a piece of yours
E Am Cadd9Don't think I will just forget about it
F E F Cmaj7 F Cmaj7Hoping that you won't forget about it
[Verse 2 same as Verse 1]: Everything is grey under these skies with mascara Hiding every cloud under a smile When there's cameras And I just can't reach out to tell you That I always wonder what you're up too [Chorus Again] [Bridge]:
DmI live through pictures
C GAs if I was right there by your side
DmBut you'll be good without me
C GAnd if I could just give it some time
I'll be alright F Cmaj7 F Cmaj7 [Chorus] (End with E chord at the end)
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