Tori Kelly – Daydream chords

Song: Daydream
Artist: Tori Kelly
Album: Foreword EP (2013)

A    : x02200
E    : 079900
B    : 7998xx
F#m  : 2x2200
G#m7 : 4x4400
Bm7  : 7x7700
Amaj7: 5x6600
D    : 10x111100

A    E     B     F#madd4

A E B F#mHold on to anything just so you don't crash
A E B F#mFought off the empty lies that once ruled your past
A E B F#mRight when you think you've won, jump three steps back
A E B F#mSo now you find yourself stuck in your own trap
A E B F#m A E They try to dirty up your name,
B F#mBut it's all a game
A E B F#m Baby you don't need to know exactly who you are
A E B F#m Because figuring it all out could be the best part
A E BDon't quit your daydream
F#m Don't forget to breath
A E B F#mWho you wanna be is only up to you
A E BSometimes you may crawl,
F#mLet them think that you're small
A E BCuz it's all worth the fall
F#mWhen you land where you want to
[VERSE II] Tried almost everything, still spinnin' around One thing you haven't tried is erase every doubt Keep both feet on the ground while your head's in the clouds And when you feel like giving up, listen to these sounds And make sure [CHORUS] [BRIDGE]
F#m G#m7 Bm7 Amaj7 F#m G#m7 Bm Amaj7You don't have to know exactly who you are just let your heart beat
F#m G#m7 Bm Amaj7It's so worth the trials that you're going through
F#m G#m7 Bm DSo just enjoy the fall, and you'll land right where you want to
A E B F#m Baby don't you ever quit
A E B F#mBaby you don't have to know exactly who you are,
A E B F#mBecause figuring it all out could be the best part
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