Torture Killer – Flesh Breaks To Open Wounds tab

Band : Torture Killer
Album: For Maggots To Devour (2003)
Song : Flesh Breaks To Open Wounds
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*Note that I'll still working on this awesome song. But I've figuered out the Intro 
And more comes up in a few days.

-  You monster, you like to torture.
-- Yes, I like to torture.

Riff 1 Fill|----------------------------------|-----------------||----------------------------------|-----------------||----------------------------------|-----------------||----------------------------------|-----------------||----------------------------------|2222-4-2222-5----||-222222666655777722222226666553333|0000-2-0000-3----| .... ....
This bastard part that comes after is *ucking hard to hear... but i've got som ideas I don't think is right. But I'll work my ass off so it will be up in a couple of days. Have my friends!
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