Tose Proeski – Out Of Control chords

Hello there, nice song for one acoustic guitar :)

             Toše Proeski - Out Of Control

Capo on 2nd


Am7 G D/F# Em/D Am7 G D/F# Cadd9e|---2h3-2-----0-------------------2h3-2-----0----------------------|B|---3---3-3-1-1--3-0h1p0-3--3-----3---3-3-1-1-3-0h1p0-3--3-----3---|G|---------2-0----0-------2--------------2-0---0-------2-------0----|D|--------------------------0----------------------------0----2-----|A|-----------0-----------------------------0-----------------3------|E|----------------3-------2--------0-----------3-------2------------|
DThe light went out of my life
Cadd9as your shadow hit the door
DIt cut me like a knife
Dsus2 Cadd9You we're comeing back no more
Dadd4/add2 The days turned into nights
B7 Em7And nothing's going right
DHere comes the stop sign
Cadd9Here comes the red light
GOut of control
Dsus2 Em Dadd4/add2I'm going crazy out of my mind
Cadd9 G/BMy life's incomplete
Am7 Dadd4/add2Now you're not mine
GOut of control
D/F#Can't eat can't sleep
Em7 Dadd4/add2I'm here all alone
Cadd9 Am7You're gone and still in my soul
Cadd9 Dadd4/add2And I'm here out of control
Intro Dadd4/add2 Still rolling in my head
Cadd9Still aching in my heart
Dadd4/add2 All those things you've said
Cadd9Thought we'd never be apart
Dadd4/add2 Truth turns into doubt
B7 Em7My world turned inside out
DDidn't see the stop sign
Cadd9Didn't see the red light
Out of control I'm going crazy out of my mind My life's incomplete Now you're not mine Out of control Can't eat can't sleep I'm here all alone You're gone and still in my soul
Cadd9 B7I'm here out of control
Em7 D Cadd9There's no sence when you're not around
D B7My world is upside down
Em7 D Cadd9Sitting on the edge and I don't care
Dadd4/add2 B7That you are not there
AOut of control
E/G# F#m E/G#I'm going crazy out of my mind
Dsus2 F#m/EMy life's incomplete
Bm7 Eadd9now you're not mine
AOut of control
E/G#Can't eat can't sleep
F#m E/G#I'm here all alone
Dsus2 Bm7You're gone and still in my soul
Dsus2 BmI'm here out in the cold
D5So wrong
D6 E5 E6 Bm7 AOut of control... yeah
Bm7, E6-Eb6-D6, A, E/G#, Dsus2, F#m/E, Bm7, A, Bm7, Asus2. Used Chords: EADGBe Am7 x02010 G 320033 D/F# 2x023x Em/D 022032 Cadd9 x32030 D xx0232 Dsus2 xx0230 Dadd4 x54030 B7 x21202 Em7 022030 G/B x2003x A x02220 E/G# 476454 F#m 244222 F#m/E x4222x Eadd9 x7647x D5 x577xx D6 x57777 E5 x799xx E6 x79999 Eb6 x68888 Asus2 x02200 Any comments at
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