Total Chaos - Punk Invasion tab

tuning-standart     *-palm mute

D|8-8-----6-6-----9-9-----8-8-----6-6-----9-9----|A|8-8x15--6-6-x7--9-9x7---8-8x15--6-6-x7--9-9x7--|E|6-6-----4-4-----7-7-----6-6-----4-4-----7-7----| * * * * * *
verseD|8-88889119|A|8-88889119| x12E|6-66667-97| ****
chorus D|888866668888991111-| A|888866668888991111-| x2 E|666644446666779-9--| repeat verse x12 repeat chorus x2 bass part verse x12 chorus x6 end on a# D|8 A|8 E|6 THATS IT, WITHOUT THE SOLO.ITS TOO HARD 4 ME. PEACE
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