Tove Styrke - Chaos chords

Intro: C

Verse 1:
CChaos, You've been my friend for a while
AmAnger, You've been around for quite some time
GI can't escape from it
CLove babe, it eats me up alive
AmWe're loveable, but still we're terrified
GI can't escape from it
F CMy heart is infected
F CI gotta protect it
Am GDon't You dare try to break it
FI'm Gone
Interlude: C, Am, X2 Verse 2: Same Chords as in the 1 Verse
CLiving, For a dream so far away
AmTrying, To cover.....
GWe can't escape....
F CMy Heart is infected.....
Dm C F GIt's a shame that we start lying
Dm C F GIt's a shame that we're denying
F CMy Heart is infected......
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