Tower Of Power – So Very Hard To Go tab

SO VERY HARD TO GO (Tower of Power)

Bb                                     C7     C7sus - C7
Ain't nothin' I can say, nothin' I can do,
          Cm7     F7b9/C       Bb    Bbsus- Bb
I feel so bad, yeah, I feel so blue.
                 Bb                    C7     C7sus - C7
I got to make it right for everyone concerned
             Cm7       F7b9/C                       Bb   Bbsus- Bb
even if it's me, if it means it's me what's gettin' burned.

                     Bb         BbÄ    Fm7
'Cause I could never make you unhappy,   no, I couldn't do that girl,
Ebmaj7                Ebmaj7/G
only wish I didn't have to love you do, makes it so, so 
very hard to go.
          F                  Gmaj7
 backgrounds:So very hard to go)
Dm9/11                                   Gmaj7
'Cause I love you so, (backgrounds answer-So  very hard to go),
ah, I love you so.
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