Townes Van Zandt – Come Tomorrow chords

My first posting, so all corrections gratefully received, thanks!

This is a good one for all novice Townes fans out there (like me).

I find it easiest to use the thumb on the bass (generally) and strum the rest with first 
or second fingers.

The bass line is something like this:

C G F C F G F C F C F Ce|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------0--------------------------------------0------------------|D|---0h2---0h2-----0-----3---3---2---3---0-------3--3-------3---2---3---0h2|A|-3-----3-----3---------------3----------------------3-------3-------3----|E|-------------------3-1---1-------1---3---3-321--1-------1-------1--------|
Intro: C
C GCould it be the season's changin'
FThe winds of winter rearranging
C F GAll the leaves like fallin' queens of sorrow
FCould be the freezing rain a-fallin'
C FCould be sad September callin'
C F C FOr maybe its knowin' she'll be gone
C FCome tomorrow
C Well, it's strange how many tortured mornings Fell upon us with no warning Lookin' for a smile to beg and borrow It's over now, there is no returning A thousand bridges sadly burning And light the way I have to walk alone Come tomorrow I guess that no amount of lying To myself will stop the crying I guess I have to take things like they are The facts are plain to see, it's only That I ain't used to being lonely Like I'm gonna be without you Come tomorrow Come tomorrow
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