Townes Van Zandt – Tecumseh Valley chords ver. 2

Artist: Townes Van Zandt
Song: Tecumseh Valley

 Note: This is the way that Townes plays it. He wrote it on the banjo so 
       It makes sense that you Travis pick this song. On the G intro you
       Travis pick and hamer on the 5th string with you middle finger.
       when the verse starts alternate thumbpicking the 6th and 4th string
       with a hammer on every half measure on the 5th string with middle finger
       watch the Townes private concert video version on Youtube, it will help.
       (the extra letters in the lyric show where to sing longer, 
         the dots show where to pause and not sing) same pattern for all verses
G C GThe name she gaaave... was Caroliiiine...
C G The daughter of a miner
C And her ways were freeee...
G (walk to Em) Em D And it seemed to meee...
D C G That the sunshine walked beside her
She came from Spencer, across the hill She said her pa had sent her Cause the coal was low And soon the snow Would turn the skies to winter. She said she'd come to look for work She was not seekin' favors For a dime a day And a place to stay She turn those hands to labor Well times were hard and, lord, jobs were few All through Tecumseh Valley But she asked around And a job she found Tending bar at Gypsy Sally's Well she saved enough to get back home When spring replaced the winter But her dreams were denied Her pa had died The word came down from Spencer. Well she took to whoring out in the streets With all the grief inside her And it was many a man Who returned again To lay themselves beside her. They found her down beneath the stairs That led to Gypsy Sally's And in her hand when she died Was a note that cried Fare-thee-well, Tecumseh Valley The name she gave was Caroline The daughter of a miner And her ways were free And it seemed to me That the sunshine walked beside her
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