Townes Van Zandt – None But The Rain chords

An easy version of the song.

Intro: C Am F C F C G

C Am F CWe had our day but now it's over
F C F G G7we had our song but now it's sung
C Am F Cwe had our stroll through summers clover
F C G Cbut summer's gone now, our walkin's done
C Csus2 Am F G C
C Am F CSo tell me gently who be your lover
F C F G G7who be your lover after I'm gone
C Am F Cwill it be the moon that hears your sighin'
F C G Cwill it be the willow that hears your lonesome song
C Csus2 Am F G C
C Am F CWill it be the rain that clings to your bosom
F C F G G7will it be the sunshine that dries your golden hair
C Am F Cwill it be the wind that warns of my returning
F C G Cwill a rose be in your arms when I find you waitin' there
C Csus2 Am F G C
C Am F CNone but the rain should cling to my bosom
F C F G G7 none but the moon should hear my lonesome sigh
C Am F Cnone but the wind should warn of your returning
F C G CFare thee well, my love, good-bye
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