Townes Van Zandt – When She Dont Need Me tab

Townes Van Zandt
?When She Don?t Need Me?
Master Recordings

Simplified version.
*The asterisks denote that for one strum the D?s and A?s change to Dsus4 and a version
of Asus4 (like in the second line of tab).  It?s easy, and you?ll understand if you
hear the song.

E----5--5--5h7--5---(3 times)---3--------------------------------|B----7--7--7----7---------------5--------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------|
D * * When she don?t need me it makes me crazy * * She says rest easy and it makes me lazy A * G D * But when she please me, she please me all night long My friends are leaving, she says don?t worry They?re only leaving, there is no parting You will be lonely, I will be here with you On winds of darkness, the light is soaring And chains are bonded, freedom is singing Cling to the darkness, until you turn to song With the blues she?ll wash me and the sun she?ll dry me The world will hide me but she will find me And when she finds me, she will take me home Repeat first verse.
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