Townshend Pete – The Sea Refuses No River tab

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Subject: CRD: Sea_Refuses_No_River by: Pete_Townshend

The Sea Refuses No River
By Pete Townshend
From all the best cowboys have chinese eyes, 1982

Originally transcribed by Andy Dennis
updated by

C(no 3)    x35xxx
C6         x322xx or x3221x
C/G.       3x2013
Amaj7      5x665x
D(no 3)    x57xxx
F/A        103211 (use thumb)
Gm         355333 (use thumb)
Gmaj7      3x5432 (use thumb) or 3x443x or 3x0032 (thumb) or x10 9 777


C(no 3)  /   /    /                  
C(no 3)  /   /    /    C6   /   /   /   /
Bb  F


Gm                             Gm    F/A
I remember being richer than a king

Bb                                 Bb  F/A
The minutes of the day were golden

Gm                                   Gm    F/A
I recall that when the joint passed 'round

My body felt a little colder

[10th fret]
Bb      F/Eb    Bb   F/Eb 
Now I'm like a sewer channel

Bb F/Eb Bb F/Eb Running lime and scag Bb F/Eb Bb F/Eb Let me get at the master panel
F [5th fret] Fmaj7Let me at my stack|-5----------5-----|-6----------5----|-5----------5----|-7----------7----|------------8----|-----------------
[CHORUS I] G The sea refuses no river Em D C G C/G G And right now this river's banks are blown C/G The sea refuses no river, Whether stinking and rank Gmaj7 Am Or red from the tank, whether pure as a spring C D There's no damn thing stops this poem Am F/C The sea refuses no river C(no 3rd) And this river is homeward flowing [repeat INTRO pattern] I have seen a trace of strain, in others eyes not spoken. I must admit that I enjoyed their pain, but this time it's me that's broken. I demand for you and his, thus must be the time, when we decide what freedom is, turn water into wine. G For the sea refuses no river Em D C G C/G we're polluted now, but in our hearts still clean, C/G The sea refuses no river C/G Gmaj7 We tried not to age, but time had its rage, Am C D We're washed over stones, from babes into clones of the mean, Am F/C The sea refuses no river, C5 C6 Won't deny this sulphorous stream.
Emaj7 [solo]e|------------------|---------------|b|--12------12------|---12----12----|g|------14------13--|------14-------|d|------------------|------------14-|
E Emaj7 E Emaj7 Emaj7 Emaj7 | e|--14-14--14--16--17--|-19--| | E Emaj7 E Emaj7 Emaj7 Emaj7
C(8th fret) Emaj7 C e|-14----14--14-----|---------------|---------|------|b|-16-14-16--16-----|--18--17--18---|-----17*-|------|g|------------------|--17--18--17---|-16------|------|d|------------------|---------------|---------|------|a|------------------|---------------|---------|------|e|------------------|---------------|---------|----2~| *feedback
Emaj7 C E Emaj7...|--------|------------------|-----||--------|------------------|-----||--------|------------------|-----||--4-4-6-|--6-6-7-9--11--13-|-14--||--------|------------------|-----||--------|------------------|-----|
C G Am G C G There was a fool in a dressing robe, riding out the twilight hour, Am G C Lonely and cold in an empty home, trying to assess his power, C G/F C G/F C G/F C G/F But now he's like a stream in flood, swollen by the storm.
C G/F C G/F He doesn't care if he sheds his blood, G Gmaj7 let him be reborn
A F#m E D(add2) A D/A A The sea refuses no river, remember that when a beggar buys a round, D/A D Amaj7 The sea refuses no river, when rain fills the gutters, no time for stutters, Bm D E This is our chance to sing and to dance and to clown. Bm G/D D(no3) [harm 7th fret] The sea refuses no river, and rivers were spring to drown. C F G Em The sea refuses no river, no pecking code D C G G C/G G respected for the damned. C/G C/G The sea refuses no river, whether starving and ill, Gmaj7 Am Or strung on some pill, just cuz you own the land, C D there's no unique hand that plugs the damn. Am F C(no3rd) C6 The sea refuses no river, and the river is where I am.. Bb F G The river is where I am =============
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