Toy Dolls - My Wifes A Psychopath chords version 1

Song: My Wifes A Psychopath
Artist: Toy Dolls
Tabbed By: Paul Ginger Hutchinson
Tuning: Standard

[ Notes ]
This is my first tab so please be kind. I hope this helps you!

E* = The second Octave of E. So a bar chord on the 7th fret, shown below!
   | 7 |
   | 9 |
   | 9 |
   | 9 |
   | 7 |
   | x |

[ Intro ]E

E BI couldn't wait for my blind date, I did not sleep that night
ECould I catch th perfect match, would she be Mrs Right!?
BA quiet lass so middle class, dignified, meek & mild?
EI faced the wrath of a Psychopath & a woman that went wild
E* BBefore too long it all went wrong, she wern't the one for me
E* But I was trapped when I got slapped by a raving loony
B She got mean, she caused a scene, I said "You're not my type"
But I gave in, how could I win? As she threw another swipe...ferocoiusly [ Chorus ]
E A B My wife's a psychopath. Throws a fit then she hides in the bathroom
E* c B My wife's a psychopath.Aooeee
E A B My wife's a psychopath. Always on the warpath
E B E After me, mentally deranged!
[ Same Pattern as before ] I'm black & blue, I said "We're through" I'm cuts n'scrapes n'scars She clenched her fist, I ducked, she missed, so I kicked her up the arse! She yelled & squealed as I revealed I had learnt some self defence I smashed her face in, just incase, coz I hate's not for me [Chorus Again] [ Now the Guitar Solo ] F - F - A# - C :: Play this 3 Times F - C - F - C :: Play this Once [Chorus Again but up 1 semi-tone] so, E is now F A is now A# B is now C [Outro :: Bass first then Guitar follows] D# slide to F :: Listen to song for when to slide Psycho...Psycho...she's a bleedin' Psycho... [ Thats the end of my first Chord ] [ I hope it helps you ]
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