Tpau – China In Your Hand chords

Capo at 3rd fret: Chords below represent chord shapes rather than actual pitch. This is 
not strictly how the song is played but sounds good for a single acoustic guitar.

G     (320033)
D/F#  (2x0232)
C/E   (032010)
D     (xx0232)
C     (x32010)
G/F#  (220033)
Em    (022000)
B     (x2444x)
Dsus4 (xx0233)
Em7   (020030)
Cmaj7 (x32000)
A7    (x020xx)
D/A   (x00232)

G    G    D/F#    C/E     x2

G D C GIt was a theme she had on a scheme he had told in a foreign land
G G/F#To take life on earth to the second birth, and the man was in command
Em BIt was a flight on the wings of a young girls dreams
G Am Dsus4That got too far away...
Chorus: C D G G/F#
Em Em7Don't push too far, your dreams are china in your hand
C D Bm
C DDon't wish too hard because they may come true, and you can't help...
C Dthem, You don't know what you might have
G G/F# Em C Cmaj7 A7
D/ASet upon yourself China in your hand
G G D/F# C/E x2 etc...
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