Trace Adkins - My Heaven chords

G Am Everybody has their own idea of heaven
F C F What kind of paradise they'll see
C G Pearly gates, streets of gold
Am CNo getting sick, or growin old
F C Dm Sounds like a beautiful place to be
C GBut as for me
C G AmMy heaven is a wood frame house with a great big porch
Cgoin all the way around
F C Dm GSittin on the swing listenin to the sound of the birds singin
C AmMy heaven is a warm summer day in the back yard
G F C While the kids all play, flies and mosquitoes stay away
Dm GWhile we're eattin watermelon
C Am-F-CThat's my heaven
G Am G-F You're always gonna find a few non-believers
C Dm GThose who stay lost in the dark
C GBut I believe there is a place
Am G Full of light 'n love and grace
F C Dm G Dm-G And I don't believe that its all that far in my heart
C G AmMy heaven is a cell phone ring while I'm at work
G FAnd the only thing that you have to say
C Dm GIs you miss me and get home in a hurry
C AmMy heaven is the very worst day that I spent with you
C FWhen you were so mad but I still knew
C Dm G Nobody would leave cause that don't happen
FIn my heaven
Instrumental: C-G-Am-G-F-C-Dm-G
C G Am My heaven is where I am now on the front porch of the wood frame house
C DmSwingin with you just lookin around at all I've been given
C GAnd this life I'm livin
C Am-FIs my heaven
C G Am F My heaven, My heaven
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