Trace Adkins - Honky Tonk Badonkadonk tab

Trace Adkins
Honky Tonk Badonkadonk
Tuning: DADGBe
This is my first tab. I hope ya'll like it!!!

IntroIt comes in with keyboard holding an E5 while the drums solo. Then after awhile this in with some distortion. (I threw this in cuz this is what everybody wants to know how to play.)e|----------------|B|----------------|G|----------------|D|-------2---2----|A|-------2---2----|D|-0-2-2---0------|
Verse 1 Electric guitar continues to play intro. While all other instruments play this. E5 "Hustlers shootin' 8-ball, throwin darts at the wall E5 Feelin' damn near ten feet tall, here she comes, Lord help us all" Electric guitar stops playing intro and joins the other instruments playing this. F#5 G "Ole T.W.'s girlfriends done slapped him outta his chair A C D Poor ole boy it ain't his fault it's just so hard not to stare at that" Chorus Guitar plays intro while all other instruments play this. E5 "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk, Keepin' perfect rhythm make you wanna swing along A5 E5 Got it goin' on like Donky Kong, And whoo-wee, shut my mouth, Slap yo grandma" Electric joins in with other instruments playing this. F#5 G "There outta be a law get the sheriff on the phone A C D Lord have mercy, how she even get them britches on" Electric guitar goes back to playing intro. E5 "With that Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" Verse 2 Electric guitar continues playing intro while other instruments play this. E5 "Now honey you can't blame her for what her momma gave her E5 You ain't gotta hate her for workin' that money-maker" All instruments play this. F#5 G "Band shuts down at two but we're hangin out til three A C D We hate to see her go but we love to watch her leave with that" Chorus I'm workin' on the solo. I'm an ameatuer (spelling?). Chords are easy but I'm workin' on solo. No garuntees tho. :( Bridge Electric plays the ever-faithful intro while the other instruments have fun with this. A "We don't care about the drinkin', barely listen to the band E But our hands they start to shakin' when she gets the urge to dance" All instruments play this. F#5 G "Drivin' everybody crazy, you think you fell in love A C D Boys, you better keep your distance, you can look but you can't touch that" Chorus Song fades out as the eletric guitar does what he seems to do best in this song. If you know what that is, it's the intro and all other instruments play E5. Thank you for your time and attention. Please send me a message if you have any comment, or crude remarks.
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