Tracy Chapman – 3000 Miles tab

A#sus2: 113311            
Fadd11: 113211            
F:      133211            
C:      032010            


A#sus2 Fadd11E||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|B||-----1-----1-|-----1-----1-|-----1-----1-|-----1-----1-|G||--3----3-3---|--3----3-3---|--2----2-2---|--2----2-2---|D||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|A||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|E||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|
F CE||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|B||-----1-----1-|-----1-----1-|-----1-----1-|-----1-----1-|G||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|D||--3----3-3---|--3----3-3---|--2----2-2---|--2----2-2---|A||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|E||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|
[repeat intro and sing]: A#sus2 Good girls walk fast in groups of three Fadd11 Fast girls walk slow on side streets F Sometimes the girls who walk alone C Aren't found for days or weeks A#sus2 On the busy boulevards Fadd11 Bad boys call you names and cruise you hard F Bullies laugh and grin and beat C Your soft skin against the cold concrete A#sus2 Fadd11 I'm 3,000 miles away F C I'm 3,000 miles away A#sus2 Fadd11 I'm 3,000 miles away F C I'm 3,000 miles away A#sus2 Knock you down, make you bleed Fadd11 Make you cry and make you think F I'll die here soon if I don't leave C If I don't leave, if I don't leave A#sus2 This patch of sky and native ground Fadd11 Take turns to push and pull you down F Forget trying to live and be happy C I'll take safe and terror free Chorus... A#sus2 Hit the floor, shut off the lights, Fadd11 As the bullets fly F Terror rules the dark night, C Dogs hang from the trees A#sus2 This training ground for punks and thieves, Fadd11 Home of poor white retirees F Who didn't bail and couldn't sell C When color made the grass less green Chorus...
[solo] A#sus2 Fadd11 F CE||-5///6-------|-5-----------|-------------|-------------|B||-------------|-------------|-5///6-------|-5-----------|G||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|D||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|A||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|E||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|
A#sus2 Fadd11 F CE||-5/6---------|-5///8-------|-------------|-------------|B||-------------|-------------|-6-----------|-5-----------|G||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|D||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|A||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|E||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|
A#sus2 Apples are filled with razor blades Fadd11 But fools and innocents believe F That love and faith and truth and beauty C Can make a garden of this human factory Chorus... A#sus2 Bad girls run fast leave home alone Fadd11 No trace or clue of where they've gone F Sometimes these girls are never found C Never found, never found Chorus... x 4 [repeat intro]
[repeat & fade]:E||-6-----------|-5-----------|-------------|-------------|B||-------------|-------------|-6-----------|-8-----------|G||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|D||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|A||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|E||-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|
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