Tracy Chapman - Be Careful Of My Heart chords

Be Careful Of My Heart - Tracy Chapman

Beautiful song and a sophisticated 4 chord trick!


    Dm         F    C

e -----1----------0----0------------------------|B ----3----3-----1----1----------0---------0----| Play twice for intro, thenG ---2------2---2----0-----0------0---------0---| repeat all through the firstD --0--------0-3-------------------0---0-----0--| 12 lines of the song.A ------------------3-----2-3-3-----2-3-3-------|E ----------------------------------------------|
Chords (You can hear she plays the open high 'e' on the album track. I recommend using your thumb for the low F.) ^ Dm F C G
e -1---0--0--3-|B -3---1--1--3-|G -2---2--0--0-|D -0---3--2--0-|A -x---3--3--2-|E -x---1--x--3-|
You and your sweet smile You and all you tantalising ways You and your honey lips You and all the sweet things that they say You and your wild wild ways One day you just up and walked away Oh you left me hurting But I can forgive you for that now You taught me something Something it took me have my life to learn When you give all yourself away Just tell them to be careful of your heart
F GBe careful of my heart, heart
F CBe careful of this heart of mine
F GBe careful of my heart, heart
F CIt just might break and send some splinters flying
F GBe careful of my heart, heart
RIFF x1 Be careful
DmYou, you, you
FYou, you, you
C (B)CYou, you, you
F GTook my love
F CThought you took it all
DmYou, you, you
FYou, you, you
C (B)CYou, you, you
F GTook my love,
RIFF x 1 Now you're gone
G I'm not breaking down
F CI'm not falling apart
Dm I just lost a little faith
F C When you broke my heart
Dm Given a chance
F CI might try it again
C GI would risk it all this time
DmI'd save a little love for myself
FEnough for my heart to mend
CA little love for myself
G DmCause one day I just might love again
FOne day
CSome sweet smile
(B)CMight turn my head
Dm F C (B)COne day I just might blow myself away
Dm F C (B)COne day
Dm F C (B)COne day
Dm F C (B)COne day
Where you see a '(B)' you can hear that she plays the C chord and drops the low C to a B, then back up. This is massively reinforced by the bass, but can be easily enough replicated for playing on a solo acoustic. This has been my first tab and I transcribed it from ear, so it's open to debate. I think it's fairly accurate, I hope it helps. Good luck and thank you.
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