Tracy Chapman – Give Me One Reason chords ver. 2

I found these chords on another tab, but for guitar rather than piano. So, I put 
the guitar chords at the bottom for those who don't know them and these chords 
works perfect with guitar and piano.
F# B quick transition to C#Give me one reason to stay here
F#And I'll turn right back around.
(Repeat for all verses/chorus)
C#Said I don't wanna leave you lonely,
B F#You've got to make me change my mind.
(Repeat for the bridges) This chord progression repeats for the entirety of the song.
Chords:F# E-2-------------| A-2---4---------| D-2---4---------| G-2-------------| B-2-------------| E-2-------------|
C# E-4-------------| A-4-------------| D-4----6--------| G-4----6--------| B-4-------------| E-4-------------|
B E-2--------------| A-2----4---------| D-2----4---------| G-2----4---------| B-2--------------| E-2--------------|
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