Trademark – Only Love chords

Only Love

Intro: A   C#m     E    B   |   A       B

Verse 1:

A C#m E BTwo a.m. and the rain is falling
A C#m E C#m7Here we are at the crossroads once again
A BYou're telling me you're so confused
E AYou can't make up your mind
AIs this meant to be
BYou're asking me.
A BBut only love can say
E ATry again to walk away
A BBut I believe for you and me
E AThe sun will shine one day
A BSo I'll just play my part
E AAnd pray you'll have a change of heart
ABut I can't make you see it through
B AThat something only love can do
Verse 2:
A C#m E BIn your arms as the dawn is breaking
A C#m E C#m7Face to face and a thousand miles apart
A BI've tried my best to make you see
E AThere's hope beyond the pain
A BIf we give enough, if we learn to trust
(Repeat Chorus) (Guitar Solo) (A C#m B | A C#m B)
A BI know if I could find the words
E ATo touch you deep inside
E AYou'd give my dream just one more chance
A BDon't let this be our last good-bye
(Repeat Chorus)
B AThat something only love can do...
C#m A B A E ...
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