Trading Yesterday - Shattered tab

Here is my version of shattered the other tab helped me out a lot but its not the way it 
i think.

In this tab you'll get the chords and the intro and outro that is pretty much the same thing.

Capo 5th Fret.

Intro. -> Verse 1

Intro is a couple times and then he starts singing the Verse 1. Yesterday I died, tomorrow's bleeding Fall into your sunlight The future's open wide beyond believing To know why hope dies Losing what was found, a world so hollow Suspended in a compromise The silence of this sound is soon to follow Somehow sundown. And when he do the bridge that goes and finding answers... He does something with the E Chors but keeping the same rythm and notes in the first verse. something like this.
e|------------------------|B|---------0-------3------|G|-------0-------0--------|D|-----2-------3----------|A|---2-------0------------|E|-0-------1--------------| he keeps doing that until the end of that bridge and he end doing...
Then Repeat the same thing one more time for Verse 2 and another bridge and then it the adition done in MTT Version song. Verse 2 As reason clouds my eyes with splendor fading Illusions of the sunlight And the reflection of a lie will keep me waiting A love gone for so long Bridge And this day's ending Is the proof of time killing all the faith I know Knowing that faith is all I hold And then in the adition you play this chords with the same rythm of the song in the same until it ends and trying to match it with the song.
And i've lost ...And i cant understand...........e|-0-00-----------------0-00----------------------|B|-1-11-----------------1-11----------------------|G|-2-22-----------------0-00----------------------|D|-2-22-----------------2-22----------------------|A|-0-00-----------------3 33----------------------|E|------------------------------------------------|
Why my hearth is ...Rejecting your love..........e|-3-33-----------------0-00----------------------|B|-0-00-----------------0-00----------------------|G|-0-00-----------------2-22----------------------|D|-0-00-----------------3-33----------------------|A|-2-22-----------------3-33----------------------|E|-3-33-----------------1-11----------------------|
Keep doing this with all that part of the song and it will be ok then the intro is the outro. And I've lost who I am And I can't understand Why my heart is so broken Rejecting your love Without love gone wrong Lifeless words carry on But I know, all I know Is that the end's beginning Who I am from the start Take me home to my heart Let me go and I will run I will not be silenced All this time spent in vain Wasted years, wasted gain All is lost, hope remains And this war's not over There's a light, there's the sun Taking all the shattered ones To the place we belong And his love will conquer all
And thats it... if you want to sing and play the song because it makes it too difficult you you can play with this notes and make chords and then sing it and play just it out hehe! Good Luck & Enjoy. P.S. Accepting Correption in the bridge i dont know if its totally ok but its a start!
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