Traffic - Evening Blue tab

Evening Blue

Tabbed by Almir Nametak

Am7,D7 x2

Am7                        D7
Sitting all alone by the fireside
G7                                E
Listen to the wind in the chimney top
E                                     Am
Haven't slept for days, and I'm still wide eyed
C7                                   G
Try not to think, but my mind won't stop
C7                                G
Evening shadows making my heart sing out
G7                       C
With the setting sun, turning leaves to brown
           G                       Fmaj7
If I had a lover, who's heart was true
                C             G          
I wouldn't be alone in this evening blue


Everybody's looking for something in life
Not everyone's finds what they're looking for
Everybody wants a little happiness in life
But everyone can open the door
Morning wakens, making my heart sing out
Now that summer's here, changing fears and doubts
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