Tragically Hip - Emperor Penguin tab

Intro: |--------------------------------||--------------------------------||-0---0---2--2/4\2-0---0---------||---------0----------2---2-0-----||-3------------------------------||-----3------0-------------------|
Verse: C i like the tone of your trumpet G come on let's spill some paint D Em let's raise a glass of milk to the end of another day C and to the kiss that's still intangible G the kids are alright just unmanageable D Em they won't do a damn thing that you say
Interlude: G D Em C|---------------------------------------||-3--------0--------0-----1-0-----------||-0---2--2---2--0-----0-------2-0-------||-----0---------2-----------------------||-------------------------3-------------||-3-------------0-----------------------|
Verse 2: G D your voice is all detached on a radio-wave breeze Em C we have another caller with a bachelor degree G D talkin' alien invasion as the only chance for unity Em C well sorry to interrupt you caller but that's a physical impossibility Chorus: G D Em C that's a physical impossibility G D Em A D A D (listen for timing) that's a physical impossibility Bridge: A D A D you'd be tossed up or washed up the narrator relates A D A D in a spartan antarctican can walk for many days A D A D meet with emperor penguin devotion to the egg A D A D and their women are swimming from half an ocean away Solo: G D Em C x2 Verse 3: G D don't sound so detached this is you and me Em C just give me your opinion before you turn to leave G D your crust is just incredible, the radio was edible Em C when you said don't wipe your asses with your sleeves your're a physical impossibility Chorus: G D Em C your're a physical impossibility F C G F G D It was a physical impossibility Outro Solo: C G F x 7 End on C
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