Tragically Hip – Boots Or Hearts tab

Remember, the 1st string is tuned down from E to D, as shown below
on the first fill.
I don't think Fills C and D are perfect, but I think A and B are correct.
Correction are always welcome. Enjoy this fine song.
Fill A Fill Bd--------------- ---------------B--------------- ---------------G-----------0--- ---------------D-0-3-2--------- -0-3\2---------A--------3------ -------3\2-----E--------------- ------------3--
Fill C Fill D--3-----3------- -3-----3---3-3----3-1-0-3-1-3-0- -3-1-0-3-1-3-3------0-0---0-3-0- ---0-0---0---------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- ----------------
G Well I think that there's a problem here G Fill B her voice just don't sound right G but I left myself on her answering machine G Fill A said "I'm back in town tonight." C I feel I've stepped out of the wilderness C Fill D all squint-eyed and confused G but even babies raised by wolves G Fill B they know exactly when they've been used CHORUS: C D See when it starts to fall apart, G Fill A it really falls apart C D like boots or hearts, oh when they start G Fill A they really fall apart G Fingers and toes, fingers and toes, G Fill C forty things we share G forty-one if you include, G the fact that we don't care C now you've blocked off most of main street C Fill D for your faith parade G everyone in town now, they probably all agree G I'm lying in the bed I made CHORUS SOLO G Now you won't even let me talk to you G we got some air to clear G we'd probably only agree on one thing anyway G Fill C that's what the hell is happening here? C fingers and toes, fingers and toes C Fill D forty things we share G forty-one if you include G the fact that we don't care CHORUS Chords used: G - 32003x C - x35553 D - x57775 If anyone can figure out the electric parts or the solo, that'd be cool! Duncan
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