Tragically Hip – Killing Time tab

song: Killing Time
artist: The Tragically Hip
album: The Tragically Hip
transcribed by: Jon Makokis
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I've seen one tab for this song...and it's quite wrong,
so I'm gonna do this right.

Main riff:

Riff x2 I need your confidence, need to know your mine When it gets right down to the killing time I know your heart is bad, but it's all I've ever had We can live our lives on this righteous crime (Play a freestyle version of the main riff:) I got kicked when I was down and a sailor took my girl to town then she licked my wounds with the sea dog's salt I drank a half a bottle of jack, swore I'd never take you back by the bottle's end I was on that phone. A# C A What you call compromise I don't understand A# C A C What you call compromise---I don't understand D F G How do you walk away? D F G How do you walk away? D F G Oh walk away from a woman that gone and done you wrong?
Solo:For the first part of the solo, use this scaleE --------------------------10-13-|B ---------------------10-13------|G ----------------10-12-----------|D -----------10-12----------------|A ------10-12---------------------|E -10-13--------------------------|The second half is basically riff 2 with a few frills.
Chords: A#:x133xx A:x0222x C:x3201x D:x577xx F:133xxx G:355xxx
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