Tragically Hip – Locked In The Trunk tab

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From: u9206837@muss.cis.McMaster.CA (Z.T. Harrington)
Subject: TAB: Locked in the trunk.. HIP

Locked in the trunk of a car- the hip
I was shown this by my friend Neil Emburg he figured it out.
BTW this is from memory.
begining starts with two guitars one plays B and E in the background
(bass the same).
The other plays the main bit. I usually play this by myself so i play the
bass line on the bottom two strings at such:
i start with this chord ?
e|--2--------------------------------|b|--3--------------------------------|g|--2--------------------------------|d|--2--------------------------------|a|--2--------------------------------|e|-----------------------------------|i play this a few times ( if you have another guitarist he can play B andE power chords with the bass line), let the bass notes ring.
e|--------------------------------------|b|---5-3-5-------------5-3-5------------|g|---------2-4-2-4-2---------2-4-2-4-2--|d|--------------------------------------|a|-2------------------------------------|e|-------------------0------------------|the n for the main bit i play
for the break .."evvvvrrry daaaay i'm dumping the bodys.." play a D barr chord tat the 5th frett then a E barr chord at the 7th listen to the song a few times to get the rythm right these should be the chords if not the right rythm i can't seem to find my copy of the tape. zach.
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