Tragically Hip – Lake Fever tab

Person: Almost Hip

song: Lake Fever

artist: The Tragically Hip

tab: Band: The Tragically Hip
Song: Lake Fever
Transcribed By: Almost Hip

This is another cool song played by The Hip at new years. from my
MP3's, I've managed to take a stab at the tab: If you play this song
over the MP3 it will not sound right because The Hip always have thier
guitars tuned flat in concert. If you want to play it over the MP3 tune
Db Bb Gb Db Gb Db.

The acoustic introduction goes something like this

Open G tuning high to low: D B G D G D


The Chords in open G tuning are as follows
D--0--| or open = GB--3--|G--0--|D--0--|G--x--|D--x--|
D--0--| = CB--5--|G--0--|D--5--|G--5--|D--x--|
D--4--| = DB--3--|G--2--|D--0--|G--x--|D--x--|
D--x--| = Fm7B--6--|G--0--|D--0--|G--x--|D--x--|
G Can we take a bit of a breather? Fm7 Can we skip to the practical part? C Can we skip to the time of neither? G When we're together, even when we're apart. F7 Tell your story about the lake fever, C Or we can skip to the coital fury. D C You didn't say yes or no or neither. G You whispered "Hurry" C Hurry G Hurry C Hurry Can we take a little(?) bit further? Can we skip to the after-effects part? I'm tryin' to make you a believer. Don't want a little piece of your heart. Just tellin' you a story about the lake fever. We can skip to the neutral fury. You didn't say yes or no, neither. You whispered "Hurry" Hurry Hurry Hurry Hurry. riff1 Wanna be your Asian screen-door. Wanna be the stars of Algonquin. Wanna be your roarin' floorboards. Wanna break the hearts of everyone. G C Cause discontent to the (?) of investigation. G C And I'm gonna rain descent, collapse your tent. G Jack up your rent, C Till we're talkin' in whispers again. riff1 Until we're talking in whispers again. Until we're talking in whispers again.
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