Tragically Hip – New Orleans Is Sinking chords

From: (Richard Tarkka)

By The Tragically Hip

This is pretty crude, but is sounds good
additions/corrections welcome.  Previous post of the
lick is included at the bottom.  There are no CRD versions 
of this song on the archive that I could find.  -Rick  
(use bar chords for G, A, B)

Em G Em GBourbon Blues, on the street, loose and complete
Em G Em GUnder skies of smokey blue -green
AI cant forsake a dixie dead shake
Em G Em GSo we danced the sidewalk clean
B AMy memory is muddy, what?s this river that I?m in?
B Hey New Orleans is sinkin, man
AAnd I dont want to swim
Back to Em/G shuffle for second verse Play an ?A? for the yelp (AHHHHHH-HAAA) From ?Pale as a I swear to GOD she said? do the Em/G shuffle then repeat the ?A? for the AHHHHHH-HAAA yelp then Em/G/Em/G, then
B AMy memory is muddy, what?s this river that I?m in?
B Hey New Orleans is sinkin, man
AAnd I dont want to swim
Back to Em/G to close This is what is on the archive, from : (Dave Hornidge) I'm not really sure if this is correct, but this is how I play it: The main riff looks like:
I think the bass plays something similiar to this as well. The other catchy little riff looks something like:
This riff changes alot in the song and I only tabbed one of these variations. Note also that this riff is played much more quickly than the main riff. The best way to figure out how it is to be played is to listen to the disk. I play the main riff a few times and then throw in the other one every now and then. Sorry I don't know the solo. I didn't have time to write out the lyrics. Corrections and comments are welcome. Good Luck!
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