Tragically Hip - 700 Ft Ceiling tab

Beginning/Intro riffe-------------------------|B-------------------------|G-------------------------|D---9---7-------7---------|A---7---5---9---5---------|E---x---x---7---x---------|
Let's go to the park....e---------------------------|B---------------------------|G---------------------------|D-----------------4---------|A-----2---3---4---2---------|E-----0---1---2---x---------|
Out there after dark...e----------------------------|B----------------------------|G----------------------------|D----2---3---/4---6---4------|A----2---3---/4---4---2------|E----x---x-------------------|
Listen to the tune to get the rythym of things. I like to palm-mute between some of the power chords in the second riff. There are a lot of little variable frills in the third riff, again listen to get the strumming. I'm on my acoustic, any suggestions
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