Tragically Hip – Heart Of The Melt tab

A great song from their last album, "In Between Evolution". This is my first
tab...Heh....I got it while fooling around with the Darkest One tab here while listening
to this song. Came pretty easy after that. Listen to the tune to get the rythym down.
Feel free to improve, as always. P.S...anyone know the chords for Gus?

Riff 1

Riff 2
Riff 3
Riff 4
Riff 1 (intro) (riff 2) There's me then there's you and I could dance with a puck in a telephone booth you said, "I don't give a fuck (riff 3) besides enough about you and you're evil's banal cause as soon as Joni says blue you're somewhere else" (riff 1) (riff 2) there's me then there's you and i could not hear it yet from a telephone booth i do my hungover best (riff 3) and say "enough about you and your representative hell i jump in when you do like there's nowhere else (riff 4) and then of course, there's the dorsal fin closing in that you can't outswim" "it's not him that i gotta outswim" you said "just you" you said "just you" (riff 3) and then the heart of the melt there's the narrowest flume there's the somewhere else when i'm with you, there's nowhere else (riff 2) there's me and there's you there's me and there's you if there were several yous that would not be enough there's me and there's you you're a beautiful you, a beautiful you could not say enough if there were several truths it would not be enough we're a beautiful two
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