Tragically Hip - Are We Family Acoustic tab

  Are We Family - The Hip - In Between Evolution
Tabbed by:Patrick Tohill
Title : Are We Family
Artist: The Tragically Hip
Album: In Between Evolution (Released 2004)

This is just another song I tabbed to play myself, the chords are just what I thought
sounded right. The outro is a bit sketchy because it's a hard ending to tab. There's a
lot of guitar stuff going on in the song so I just tabbed the main riff and did chords
for the rest of the song.Again, i made this in mind for a rough acoustic version. 
e|----------------------|B|-3-0--3/5-------------|G|----------------------| Intro x 3D|-5--------------------|A|----------------------|E|----------------------|
======= Verse 1 ======= Dmaj7 A It's only human to want to inhabit every feeling you've got G G6 and more often than not let's take it to the Nth degree Dmaj7 here he goes, A 'gimme ten bucks for a head start' G here's where he goes, G6 'the puzzle's pulling apart' Dmaj7 and here's the scene: A your're yelling calmly up the street, G 'are we family?' G6 or what ========== Intro/Riff x 1 ==========
e|----------------------|B|-3-0--3/5-------------|G|----------------------| Intro x 1D|-0--------------------|A|----------------------|E|----------------------|
======= Verse 2 ======= Dmaj7 A From happy-go-lucky to surly-go-crazy the lot G G6 and more often than not Admission to the Battles is Free Dmaj7 here he goes, A 'give ya ten bucks for a headstart' G here's where he goes G6 pulling the puzzle apart Dmaj7 and here's the scene A where you whisper down the crookedest street, G 'are we family' G6 or what ====== Chorus ====== G A Are we family when it's only if not when G sisters and brothers wolf wolf lover A and the boy who stamped too many ants? Dmaj7 Are we family?
==========Intro/Riff over solo x 2==========e|---5----7----5--7-------------5------5------------0---5-----0------0---5|B|3----3-----3-------5----7--5------7-----7p5---3-----3----3----3-3----3--|G|------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|0------------------7--------------------------0-----------------0-------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------|
e|----------------------|B|-3-0--3/5-------------|G|----------------------| Intro x 2D|-0--------------------|A|----------------------|E|----------------------|
===== Verse ===== Dmaj7 A It's only human to want inherit every feeling you've got G G6 and like it or not let's take it to the Nth degree Dmaj7 here we go A give us ten bucks for a headstart G here's where we go G6 the puzzle's pulling apart Dmaj7 And here's the scene: A your horse is going the wrong way up the street G Are we family? G6 or what ====== Chorus ====== G A Are we family when it's not if but when G taking care of each other one bullet to another A when it's all, 'if a song can't save us then nothing can' A are we family? Dmaj7 or what ===== Outro ===== Dmaj7, A, G, G6 x (how many you want) END
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