Tragically Hip - No Threat tab

Alright I looked at every version of 'No Threat' and was amazed how off it was. But 
ive got the correct version because it sounds just like the album when you play along and I 
how they play it live and this way just sounds completely perfect. Anyways this is it.

Intro: 5x Then this is played the sixth time.E-------------!--------------------|B-------------!--------------------|G--5-5-8-10-6~!--5-5-8-10-11~------|D--5-5-8-8--5~!--5-5-8-10--11~-----|A--3-3-6-8--6~!--3-3-6-8--9-~------|E-------------!--------------------|
Verse:(strum each chord 6 times)E-----------------|B-----------------|G-----3--5--6-----|D--5--3--5--5-----|x2A--5--1--3--6-----|E--3--------------| G B C ?
Pre Chorus I guess
Verse: (strum each chord 6 times)
E-----------------|B-----------------|G-----3--5--6-----|D--5--3--5--5-----|A--5--1--3--6-----|x2E--3--------------| G B C ?
And from here it is just just repeating verse prechorus and chorus. End on
And that is it. In my opinion the Hip are thee best band ever. They are so original.
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