Tragically Hip - Tiger The Lion tab

                      The Hip's song- "Tiger the Lion" (Track 2 on album)

-No one has ever done a tab on Tiger the Lion has far as I know. This is a rough draft
the version of Tiger the Lion. The guitar will in standard tuning and the guitar will be
of the rhythm. All corrections are freely welcomed so that this tab will be perfected. 
tab is slash chords/tabs.
Listen to the song a couple of times before u play or else u wont (get the rhythm) (like
Cash used to say).

"I'm total pro, that's why I'm here for" (Kidding guys)
(Grace, Too)

ALL Rhythm Guitar

Em D A EE|---------2----------------|B|---------3--2-------------|G|---------2--2---1---------| (2x or 3x)D|-2----------2---2---------|A|-2--------------2---------|E|-0------------------------|
Verse Prechorus : Switch G Chord with x x x 5 5 3 Chorus Bridge/Solo: fiddle with B thread going from high to low. Once, corrections are welcome. any questions or corrections: Groener
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