Train – Marry Me chords ver. 5

This song is surprisingly simple, especially if you are already familiar with 
Travis picking (Google it if you want to learn).  I based this off of what I hear 
in both the recorded and acoustic versions.

1.  Keep your index finger on xxxx1x for the whole song.  I believe that's how 
it's played the whole way through.
2.  It's essentially a bass walk-down.  If you keep that in mind, it becomes a lot 
easier to transition since the focus is on the bass note.
3.  If you want to play like the acoustic versions, learn how to use the Travis 
picking form from Kansas' "Dust in the Wind" 

Below are the chord forms:

C:	x3201x
C/B:	x2001x
G/B:	x2003x
Am7:	x0201x
Gsus4:	3x001x
Am7/E:	00201x
Fsus2:	1x301x
F6/Bb:	x1001x
C9/A:	x0001x

Intro:  Am7/E Fsus2 (Repeat)

Verse 1:

C C/B G/B Forever could never be long enough for me
Am7 Gsus4 Fsus2To feel like I've had long enough with you
C C/B G/B Forget the world now we won't let them see
Am7 Gsus4 Fsus2 But there's one thing left to do
Pre-Chorus 1:
Am7/E Fsus2 Now that the weight has lifted
Am7/E Fsus2 Love has surely shifted my way
C C/B G/BMarry Me
Am7 Gsus4 Fsus2 Today and every day
C C/B G/B Marry Me
Am7 Gsus4If I ever get the nerve to say
Fsus2Hello in this cafe
Am7/E Fsus2Say you will
Am7/E Fsus2Say you will
Verse 2:
C C/B G/B Together could never be close enough for me
Am7 Gsus4 Fsus2To feel like I am close enough to you
C C/B G/B You wear white and I'll wear out the words
Am7 Gsus4 Fsus2 "I love you" and "you're beautiful"
Pre-Chorus 2:
Am7/E Fsus2 Now that the wait is over
Am7/E Fsus2 And love and has finally shown her my way
F6/Bb Promise me
C9/A You'll always be
C C/B G/B Happy by my side
F6/Bb I promise to
C9/A Sing to you
C C/B G/B F9/Bb When all the music dies
Am7/E FMarry Me
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