Train – Meet Virginia tab

Meet Virginia - TRAIN

tabbed by briemusic
Standard tuning.

G, Cadd9, Asus4, Dsus2
Em7 Cadd9 Dsus4

G            Cadd9
She doesn't own a dress

Asus4       Dsus4    
hair is always a mess

         G                     Cadd9
y'could catch her stealin she won't confess                                

Asus4        Dsus4
     she's beautiful

G            Cadd9
She smokes a pack a day,

   Asus4                Dsus4
no wait thats me but anyway.

G                       Cadd9
She don't care a thing about that hey,

Asus4                 Dadd9
    She thinks I'm beautiful.

G, Cadd9, Asus4, Dsus4,
G, Cadd9, Asus4, Dsus4
G          C
She never comprimises,

Am                D
She loves babies and surprises.

     G                        C
She wears high heels when she excersises.

Am            D
    Aint that beautiful?

G       C         Am  D
Meet Virginia.

Em7        Cadd9             Dsus4
Well she wants to be the queen,

          Cadd9            Em7
Then she thinks about her scene.

           Cadd9             Em7
Pulls her hair back as she screams,

         Cadd9           Dsus4
I don't really wanna be a queen.

G, Cadd9, Asus4, Dsus4,
G, Cadd9, Asus4, Dsus4
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