Train - Thisll Be My Year chords

It's pretty easy, there's just a Chords sequence to follow, with a little variation in the middle.

Hope  i got that right!

Train - This'll be my year

DIn '85,
Tuesday morning, Came alive, I didn't know ya
BmRoute 66 is gone,
And reagan's here, It won't be long
GNintendo comes,
Live aid, too, Back to the future Where were you,
DWhile i spent all my days
AIn catholic school?
DIn '89,
The dream begins, First in line to california,
BmPete rose is banned for good,
The simpsons come to hollywood,
GRussia leaves afghanistan,
Flight 103 ends pan am,
DBush is here
This is the year
AThat i feel most alone
D5 A5No more
G5Countin' down the hours
D5 A5No more
G5Wishin' you were here
D5 A5I stopped believin',
G5Although journey told me 'don't'
D5 A5Before i call it a day,
G5 D5 A5Maybe this'll be my year
G5 D5 A5Maybe this'll be my year
G5 D5 A5Maybe this'll be my year
G5Maybe this'll be my year
DIn '92,
A boy is born, The skies were blue In ohio
BmBoris yeltsin chills,
Freddie dies, But queen is still,
GBarcelona has the games,
Lady di is single again,
DClinton wins,
And i still dream
AThat i'll find you someday
DIn '97,
A baby girl, Adds some heaven to the world,
BmTony blair tips the scales,
Elton sings for the princess of wales,
GMicrosoft buys into mac,
My dad has a second heart attack,
DAnd train leaves san francisco
AIn a thousand-dollar van
Chorus again
The towers fell,
F#mThe world is stunned,
I wish i knew ya
GI was on a plane,
The world would never be the same
EmThe artificial heart is born--
F#mIronic when new york's is torn out
Began in may, On tour when i met ya
BmFacebook joins the internet,
Oldsmobile joins the cassette
GI met your family
It took a while until you kissed me,
DBut when you did,
AI finally felt at home
And all i know Is everybody comes and goes
BmEverybody sings and cries,
Makes the grade and takes the prize
GIn somethin', nothin', i don't care
D,Because i always know that you'll be here
AWith me
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