Tramp Attack - Mr Sun tab

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Label: Viper Records

NB: The lyrics are roughly correct

Intro: A C# D A (x2)

Verse 1:

A                      C#                          D
Hey Mr Sun when are you going to put your hat back on?
Come on fella well give us a sign
                   C#                          D
I'm waiting on the bare foot walks that always come
Come on fella well give us that sign


D             A
When will the sun come out?
D                A
Hose pipe ban to endless drought
D              A
what about the summer fayre?
A raffle ticket wins a great big bird

Verse 2 (Same chords as Verse 1):

Hey mr rain why don't you take that drizzly misery
Hey mr wind wont you blow away to france
mr snow mr frost won't you please stay lost?
and give your brother mr sun a fighting chance

Chorus x1

Instrumental break: Same chords as Verse and Chorus (x1)

Verse 2 repeated

Chorus (x1)
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