Jars At Home chords with lyrics by Trampled By Turtles - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Trampled By Turtles – Jars At Home chords

G C GHollow headed moment in your eyes.
Em C DShouldn't come to me as no surprise,
G Cthat she loves me when I'm gone,
G Cbut when I'm here I'm all alone,
G D Gleft to wander hopelessly again.
G C GI got a woman and she's a friend of mine,
Em C Dshe likes to pretend that she never cries.
G CBut I can see her on the stairs,
G Cand lord it's more than I can bear,
G D Gbut my head can't simply turn away.
Em C GThere's a room as cold as it is lonely,
Em C Dbuild it up boys, and tear it down.
G C GAll the devil's weight upon my back,
Em C Dall I wish for, babe, is what I lack.
G C G CNo matter how I try I never seem to walk the line,
G D Gand all the world is kept in jars at home.
G C GYes, all the world is kept in jars at home.
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