Trampled By Turtles – Wait So Long chords ver. 2

Wait So Long Chords
by Trampled By Turtles

Chords : F C G Amfor the whole song. Chords carry over to next line (which is why it starts with Am)
Strumming sounds good with up/down continuously pretty fast.
(Am) F CI could never pretend that i don't love you
G Amyou could never pretend that i'm your man
F Cthat's exactly the way that i want it
G Amthat's exactly the way that i am
F CAnd you call me in the mornin with your troubles
G Amtakin it downtown every night
F Ci could never place the stars at night above ya
G Amgot my hands on the ground and you know i'm right
(Am) F CYou wait so long
G AmYou wait so long
F CYou wait so long
G AmYou wait so long
It's a coffee stained earth every time it happens laugh it up honey it ain't that bad and the afterthought rose to recognition like every other coffin that i had Then your Buick broke down in Winamuck you fall to your knees and you pray to the lord then you take a poke at the politicians nothing happens in this burnt out town anymore you wait so long (x4) And your heart rolls on like a frozen freight train you know that I'd help you if i can but i'm just a raindrop in a river just a little itty bitty grain of sand And you know that i'm doomed to repeat this with all the bad habits that i learned but its better than your fire burnt fornication * and all the dirty money that you earned you wait so long (x4) you wait so long (x4) ----- * Not sure about this one. Some guy said he talked to them and it's the first, but seen the second around too. Both sound ok :) but its better than your FIRE BURNT fornication but its better than your FINE EARNED fornication
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