Life Is Good On The Open Road chords with lyrics by Trampled By Turtles for guitar and ukulele @ Guitaretab

Trampled By Turtles – Life Is Good On The Open Road chords

F   Am  G   C  2x

[Verse 1]
F Am G CLyin' fever, a hidden moon
F Am G CRestless wind and a callin' loon
G C FDying fast like the highest noon
C Em C EmWell I never learn from nothing
[Verse 2]
F Am G CFeather falls the river light
F Am G CThe warm and shaking summer night
G C FI have two friends but one is right
C Em C EmAnd he's older now than ever
G CRun so fast through the fields in May
G CAnd I forgot what I had to say
G C FI've never been through a harder day
F G CThan the one that left your ghost here
[Instrumental] F Am G C 4x C G C [Verse 3]
F Am G CLife is good on the open road
F Am G CWe're closer now than we'll ever know
G C FThe light inside you comes and goes
C Em CBut it never really goes out
[Outro] F Am G C 4x
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