Transit – Long Lost Friends tab ver. 2

Go easy on me, it's my first tab! If you have any questions or requests,
 email me at I plan on uploading a bunch for
 Transit songs, I have most off of Listen & Forgive figured out.

The tuning is Transit's new standard tuning,
 which is, from low to high: E, Ab, B, Gb, B, Eb

Eb|---------------------12p0--------------------- \ B|----------12p0-------------------------------- \Gb|---------------------------------------------- \ B|-------12------9s12--------12-12s9-9s12-12s14- \Ab|--8s12---------------------------------------- \ E|---------------------------------------------- \
x2Eb|---------------------12p0--------------------- / B|----------12p0-------------------------------- /Gb|---------------------------------------------- / B|-------12------9s12--------12-12s14-14s16-16v- /Ab|--8s12---------------------------------------- / E|----------------------------------------------
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