Transplants - We Trusted You tab

this song is pretty easy and no one else put up any guitar tabs for it, so i decided i 
do my part and contribute.


Only strum once during the intro, but listen to the song for strumming pattern after that.

  (C)   (f)  (C)   (f)  (C)  (D)  (G)

You can also replace the f chord up there with this:
(its just f but an ochtave higher) Chorus (Lead Guitar): This is almost perfect but im not 100%.
Verse: (once again just listen for the strumming pattern) (F) (C) (F) (G)
e-----------------3--|B-------1---------3--|G-------0---------0--|D--3----2----3----0--|A--3----3----3----2--|E--1---------1----3--| ^
| |_______________________________ | | Another way you can play it is replace the 2nd F chord with a D:
thats about it. listen to the song for the order and once again there are variations in to play it. questions, comments, corrections -
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