Trapt - Influence tab

sry for the first tab from me (i didnt have time to finish and it's wrong so here its 
+ for the chords you could use full minor chords instead of power chords use whatever you 
sounds best :) )

intro(pre chorus):e ------------------------------|b ------------------------------|g ------------------------------|D 7-7-7-/-9-7-7-7-/-9-9-9-\-4-4-| 3xA 5-5-5-/-7-5-5-5-/-7-7-7-\-2-2-|E ------------------------------|
e ------------------------------|b ------------------------------|g ------------(11)--------------|D 7-7-7-7-/-9-(12)--------------| 1x ( ) means change from pre chorus toA 5-5-5-5-/-7-(10)--------------| chorus strumm as many times asE ------------------------------| needed
verse and it's the same for the part after the first chorus(interlude):
e ---------------------------------|b ---------------------------------|g ------------------------11----11-|D ---4----4------9-----12----12----| could be played with reverb? not sureA -2---/5---5-/7---/10-------------| about that :)E ---------------------------------|
chorus: chorus part 1. time(rpt. chr. part) 2. timee -------|-------|-------|-------|---|-----------------------|----------|b -------|-------|-------|-------|---|-----------------------|----------|g ---/11-|---/11-|---/11-|---/11-|---|-----------------------|----------|D -7-/12-|-7-/12-|---/12-|---/12-|-4-|----7---7--------------|----------|A -5-/10-|-5-/10-|-5-/10-|-5-/10-|-2-|--5-5-5-5-5------------|-5--------|E -------|-------|-3-----|-3-----|---|--3---3---3------------|-3--------|
strumming is easy to find out so go on and do it for yourself! :) bridge: (again strumming is easy to find out, but only for PM part) PM|---|---
e ---|---||-------|-------||b ---|---||-------|-------||g ---|---||-------|-------||D -4-|---||-4-(4)-|-------|| ( ) means played with delayA -2-|-5-||-2-----|-5-(5)-||E ---|-3-||-------|-3-----||
I think PM part is not neccessary, but play what you think sounds correct with or the first part! :) "solo": played around the 9th till 16th fret of 5 string (A) kind of hard to find out because of the effect used, but it's a pretty easy thing, found my way of playing it either :)
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