Traveling Wilburys – Cheer Down tab

Here's my interpretation of "Cheer Down" by the Traveling Wilburys.
I've marked the parts where I'm not sure or clueless with question marks.
The rest is pretty correct.

Riff: D Gm A D Gm A "I can see..."E|---------------------------------------------------------B|-----5b7---5b7-5--------5b7---5b7-5----------------------G|----------------7-----7------------7---------------------D|-----------------8---7--------------8---7----------------A|---------------------------------------------------------E|---------------------------------------------------------
Vers: A D I can see by your grin C Gm That you're trembling within D Gm D It's all over town, cheer down And the smile on your face Is sometimes out of place Don't mind, no frowns, cheer down Gm D If your hair should fall Gm D If your shares should crash Gm D A You'll get by even without getting a rash There's no tears to be shed I'm gonna love you instead I want you around, cheer down Gm A
Solo: D C Gm D ? GmE|-------------------------------------------------------------B|---5b7--5-------------15s13-11h13p11-11p10-10--8s10-8-7------G|--7------7-----7-9p7------------------------------------9----D|-7--------7--------------------------------------------------A|-------------------------------------------------------------E|-------------------------------------------------------------
D ???E|------------12b14-B|------------------G|-11h12p11---------D|------------------A|------------------E|------------------
When your teeth drop out You'll get by even without taking a bite If your dog should be dead I'm gonna love you instead The world loves a clown, cheer down I want you around, cheer down The ending riffs are somewhat similar to the intro riff, with a little improvisation added.
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