Traveling Wilburys - The Devils Been Busy tab

The Devil's Been Busy  Traveling Wilburys
Tabbed by: maguri
Tuning: Standard

One of my favourite songs from the Traveling Wilbury's "Vol. 3". 

This is the first time I've tried to transcribe a solo. Does it make sense? 
Comments are highly welcome.

Have fun!

The Devil's Been Busy 


Intro Riffe|------------------|-----------------|B|------------------|-----------------|G|-----7---5-7----7-|---5-7---5---7---|D|-----7-7-7-7----7-|-----7-7-7---7---|A|-5----------------|-----------------|E|------------------|-----------------|
Sitar Guitar FILL 1 FILL 2 FILL 3e|-----7---5--------| |-----------------| |-----------------|B|-----------7-5----| |---5--7----------| |----6--8---------|G|---------------7--| |-7-------7-------| |--8------6-------|D|------------------| |-----------------| |-----------------|A|------------------| |-----------------| |-----------------|E|------------------| |-----------------| |-----------------| [triplet] [triplet]
Solo: slidee|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|B|----12-10---8-\-5-|\--3-/-5-/--7----|-----------------|-----------------|G|------------------|-----------------|-7-\-4--4-\-2--2-|-----------------|D|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|A|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|E|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| (sitar git: Fill 1)
e|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|B|----12\10---8-\-5-|\--3-/-5-/--7----|-----------------|-----------------|G|------------------|-----------------|-7-\-4--4---4--4-|-----------------|D|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|A|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|E|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| (sitar git: Fill 1)
no slidee|-----------------|-----------------|------10-12/14\12-|10---------------|B|---10-12/15---15-|15-\-10-10-------|10-12-------------|-----------------|G|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|-----------------|D|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|-------------0-2-|A|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|-----------------|E|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|-----------------| [triplet] [triplet] (sitar git: Fill 2)
[2/4] [4/4]e|------------------|----------|-----------------|-----------------|B|------------------|----------|-----------------|-----------------|G|------------------|----------|-----------------|-----------------|D|-3p2-3---2p0------|----------|-----------------|-----------------|A|--------------3---|3/5-5---5-|-----------------|-----------------|E|------------------|----------|-----------------|-----------------|
(Intro riff) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SONG D (Intro riff: 2 times) D [Verse 1: Petty] While you're strolling down the fairway G D Showing no remorse (FILL 1) D Glowing from the poisons G G/F# Em A They've sprayed on your golf course (FILL 1) D D/C While you're busy sinking birdies Bm Gm And keeping your scorecard F C G D The devil's been busy in your back yard (Intro riff) D [Verse 2: Harrison] Steaming down the highway G D With your trucks of toxic waste (FILL 1) D Where you gonna hide it? G G/F# Em A Maybe outer space? (FILL 1) D D/C You don't know what you're doing (FILL 2) Hm Gm Or what you have to guard (FILL 2) F C G D The devil's been busy in your back yard (Intro riff) A [Middle 8: Dylan] Sometimes you think you're crazy D But you know you're only mad Bm Sometimes your better off not knowing A How much you've been had D [Verse 3: Dylan] You see your second cousin G D Wasted in a fight (FILL 1) D You say he had it coming G G/F# Em A You couldn't do it right (FILL 1) D D/C You're in a western movie, (FILL 2) Bm Eb(7) Playing a li'l part (FILL 3) F C G D The devil's been busy in your back yard (Intro riff) | D | D | G | D | D | D | G G/F# | Em A | SOLO (Fill 1) SOLO (Fill 1) | D | D/C | Bm | Gm | F C |[2/4] G |[4/4] D | D | SOLO (Fill2) SOLO (Intro riff) A [Middle 8: Dylan] Sometimes they say you're wicked D But you know that can't be bad Bm Sometimes you're better off not knowing A It'll only make you sad D [Verse 4: Lynne] They're coming down Picadilly G D Dripping at the dosh (FILL 1) D Arresting Sticky Willy G G/F# Em A Clubbing him with their cosh (FILL 1) D D/C They just might not have noticed, (FILL 2) Bm Gm They've been beating him so hard (FILL 2) F C G D The devil's been busy in your back yard (Intro riff) F C G D The devil's been busy in your back yard (Intro riff) F C G D The devil's been busy in your back yard (Intro riff, 3 bars) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADDITIONAL GUITAR There are always lots of acoustic guitars on Wilbury songs with capos in different positions. You might want to track the first guitar with a second one, capo 5th fret: Intro | A | A | Verses 1, 2 / Solo | A | A | D | A | A | A | D D/C# | Bm E | | A | A/G | F#m | Dm | C G |[2/4] D |[4/4] A | A | Verse 3 | A | A | D | A | A | A | D D/C# | Bm E | | A | A/G | F#m | Bb7 | C G |[2/4] D |[4/4] A | A | Verse 4 | A | A | D | A | A | A | D D/C# | Bm E | | A | A/G | F#m | Dm | C G |[2/4] D |[4/4] A | A | | C G |[2/4] D |[4/4] A | A | C G |[2/4] D |[4/4] A | A | A | Middle 8 | E | E | A | A | F#m | F#m | E | E |
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