Travis Mccoy - Billionaire chords

Hiya, lol this is my first tabs so don't get mad.
I've been watching Jr Aquinos cover to billionaire many times and saw that
he's using different chords, so i tried to get them down :P enjoy.

no capo

Title: Billionaire Ft. Bruno Mars
Artist: Travie McCoy

G D I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad
Em Dbuy all of the things I never had
G D I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine
Em Dsmiling next to Oprah and the Queen
C D EmEvery time I close my eyes
C D EmI see my name in shining lights
C D D D/C# Em (walk down to low B)A different city every night oh I
C DI swear the world better prepare
Emfor when I'm a billionaire
Jr Aquino's remix. LYRICS I wanna be a trillionaire so bad an obscene amount of money i'd have i'd probably change my name to Mr. Obese Stacks then I would lace the lady in my life with the finer things every finger would have a diamond ring even the sun would get jealous of the light you bring If i was a millionaire I wouldn't be mad I'd pay all the bills off for my mom and dad then I would take the rest and put it away save it for a rainy day maybe even for my future family
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