Travis Tritt – Down The Road I Go chords

Down the Road I Go - Travis Tritt
Written by Travis Tritt - Bob Dipiero - Dennis Robbins
Album "Down The Road I Go."

Intro - Follow the pattern below and do a fast up and
down strum on the "A" chord where I have placed the (x5).

A (x5) (Repeat tab)e-----------------------------|B-------------2------------2--|G-------------2------------2--|D-------------2------------2--| YEAH!A---------0---------------0---|E---3bh4------------3bh4------|
ALet me tell you baby - If you want to pin me down
Better get your hammer, girl - and nail me to the ground
D'Cause you won't find no grass stains
On the bottom of my feet
AThe only home I've ever known - is out there on the street.
D A You call me insane - Honey, That's my middle name
D A And I don't care which way the wind will blow
E A 'Cause I don't know - So down the road I go.
Musical turn around
AYou see I tried to settle down - Not too long ago
You can lock my body up - But you can't calm my soul
DI don't want to hurt you - Or put you on the shelf
ABut my daddy told me all my life
You've got to be yourself. Repeat the chorus Long instrumental
DI'm sure there's lots of guys out there
Who've learned to tow the line
ACompared to them my life may look a wreck
DBut girl, you've been to college
So you ahould know by now
EAnd if you can't understand me
What the hell do you expect
AI'm giving you fair warning - I'm gonna say goodbye
And when I'm walking out the door Don't want to hear you cry
DThere's so much highway out there
That I ain't never seen
AAnd all I need is cigarettes, guitars, and gasoline.
Repeat the chorus
ATag: Down the road I go
A I'll see you around
A 'Cause I'm leaving town
A Yeah, yeah, yeahhh (fades out).
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